Personal consulation

The Natural House offers remedy both for the body and soul with private consultations addressing various health issues. Sara Hamo, the owner, is an experienced therapist who has assisted many people in their struggle against various illnesses. Her book “The Golden Path to Natural Healing” provides important information on natural healing and the “Kingston Clinic” method. Sara also teaches courses on the subject. 

I became aware of the ways of natural hilling and the Kingston Clinic method in 1979 after being diagnosed with Cancer at the
age of 34. A short and distressful experience with traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy made me search for a balanced and more natural way of healing.  Though I dared hoping to be cured by practicing thismethodthis is exactly what happened. Moreover, after being completely cured from Cancer I naturally delivered my third son at home in a homebirth.
The Kingston method relies on an improved diet, good night sleep in the right hours and a more robust approach to healthy activities such as walking. One should maintain a balanced diet that include digestible proteins such as fresh cheese and eggs and avoid salty, sour, spicy and processed food and from drinking coffee, tea, coke and similar beverages. In the course of time I made some improvements to better this method and increased its curing effects.
The book “The Golden Path to Natural Healing” was written on the base on my extensive experience as a therapist in the methods of natural cure and Kingston Clinic.
Reading the book is obligatory before attending a counseling meeting since being familiar with the basic principles of natural cure is crucial for the treatment to work. Following the Kingston Clinic method can not always guarantee the complete cure of illnesses; however a significant improvement in the patient’s condition is obtained. Quite often the need for medication is reduced and even stopped in cases of chronic health problems.
People who suffer from chronic health problems such as blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes should not consider themselves healthy only because their body is balanced by medicines. This method of natural cure is beneficial not only for the sick but also for perfectly healthy people who wish to improve their quality of life. The latter can rely on my book for guidance or schedule one consultation meeting.
Personal Consultation
The first consultation meeting consists for an hour and a half. It is recommended to attend the meeting with a family member and a recent blood test.  During the session the patient will answer questions regarding their medical history and lifestyle. Accordingly they will be instructed with certain recommendations concerning their life style so their health condition will be improved as quickly as possible considering their current situation. The treatment includes two months consultation and support over the phone and by mail. Patients are free to ask question and report changes in their health condition.
Since I am not a physician, patients will not be asked to discontinue their medical treatments or cease taking their medications though it might affect their recovering process. The patient alone will have the final word regarding the nature of his treatment and obviously it is recommended to consult with his physician in order to be fully aware of all the consequences.
The cost of one session including two months support is NIS 900.
Two months after the first session, a follow up meeting will be held in which the patient’s success in maintaining a healthy life style will be examined alongside the progress of his medical condition and as a result the gradual cut down in his medicine dosage. Accordingly changes will be made in the patient’s nutrition. This session including two months support costs NIS 450.
Usually two meetings are adequate in order to adopt a healthy way of life and see significant health improvement. However some patients will need additional counseling meetings until an improvement of their health condition is achieved.
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