Personal consulation

The Natural House offers to remedy both body and soul through private consultations addressing various health issues. Owner Sara Hamo is an experienced therapist who has assisted many people in their struggle against various illnesses. Her book “The Golden Path to Natural Healing” provides important information on natural healing and the “Kingston Clinic” method. Sara also teaches courses on the subject. 

I became aware of natural healing and the Kingston Clinic methods in 1979 after being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 34. A brief and distressing bout with traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy made me search for a more balanced and natural healing method. Though I dared not hope to be cured by practicing this method, it is precisely what happened. Moreover, after being completely cured of cancer, I delivered my third son in a natural homebirth..
The Kingston method relies on an improved diet, a good night’s sleep at the right hours and a more robust approach to healthy activities such as walking. The method stresses the importance of maintaining a balanced diet that includes digestible proteins such as fresh cheese and eggs, avoiding salty, sour, spicy and processed foods and abstaining from drinking coffee, tea, coke and similar beverages. Over time, I further improved the method and increased its healing effects. I wrote “The Golden Path to Natural Healing” based on my extensive experience as a therapist well versed in the natural healing and Kingston Clinic methods.
It is essential to read the book prior to any counseling on the subject since being familiar with the basic principles of natural healing is crucial to the treatment’s success. Adhering to the Kingston Clinic method is not a full-proof guarantee of a complete cure; however, the patient’s condition will improve significantly.. Quite often, the chronically ill experience a diminished need for medication or discontinue their intake altogether..
People who suffer from chronic health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes should not consider themselves healthy just because their body is balanced by drugs. This natural healing method is not only beneficial to the sick but also to perfectly healthy people who wish to improve their quality of life. The latter can refer to my book for guidance or schedule a consultation session.
Personal Consultation
The first consultation session lasts for an hour and a half. It is recommended to attend the session with a family member and bring along the results of a recent blood test. During the session the patient will answer questions regarding his/her medical history and lifestyle. The patient will then be provided with certain recommendations regarding his/her lifestyle so as to enhance his/her state of health as quickly as possible. The treatment consists of two months of consultation as well as phone/email support. Patients are free to ask questions and report changes to their state of health.
Since I am not a physician, patients will not be asked to discontinue their medical treatment or stop taking their medication even though it might affect their recovery process. Only the patient will have the final say regarding the nature of his/her treatment and s/he should obviously consult with his/her physician in order to be fully aware of the consequences of his/her decision.
The cost of one session, including two months of support, is NIS 900.
Two months after the first session, a follow-up session will be held in order to assess the extent to which the patient was able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the progress of his/her medical condition and as a result, the gradual cut down in his drug dosage. The patient’s nutrition will be modified accordingly. The cost of this session, including two months of support, costs NIS 450.
Usually two sessions are enough to adopt a healthy way of life and observe significant health improvement. However, some patients will require additional sessions in order to achieve any improvement in their state of health.
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