Courses and support groups

The Natural House conducts yearly courses teaching the healing methods of Kingston Clinic - an extended or basic introduction course and a special instructors’ course specializing this method.
An extended Introduction Course – for people who intend to become instructors and consulters of the Kingston Clinic method and will demand participants to submit assignments.
The basic course suites those who wish to further their knowledge in the field of natural healing for personal purposes and can also rely on the course participants as a support group. The course includes 8 monthly sessions, a list of recommended text books and extensive academic materials to expend participants’ knowledge.
Cost: NIS 3,000 –divided into 8 payments of NIS 375 – this course includes the submission of assignments for those who wish to practice consultation.
For those who wish to study without submitting assignments the cost is:
NIS 2,120 divided into 8 payments of NIS265.
NIS50 discounts will be given to two family members on registration the course.
An extended specializing course – an optional course for graduates of the previous courses and obligatory for graduates who wish to practice counseling. This course will further the students’ knowledge and prevent them from making crucial mistakes as counselors. This course includes 6 monthly sessions.
Cost: NIS 600 divided into 6 payments of NIS 100.
Introduction Course
  1. An introduction to the basics of balanced diet and their adaptation to various health problems.
  2. The biologic clock of human digestion system and immune system.
  3. Kidneys and extra fluids. Digestion and weight problems.
  4. Hydrotherapy and compresses.
  5. Thehuman spirit effect – fears and ways to handle them.
  6. Healthy eyes, teeth, skin and hair.
  7. Additional useful healing methods.
  8. Ecologic problems. Guideline for the better counselor.
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